Giscuit 1.3.0 Released Thu, 2012-09-27 23:32

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Giscuit 1.3.0.

For a full list of changes check the changelog:

Welcome to the Giscuit 1.3.0 Release! 

Giscuit 1.3.0 Release
Released on 2012-09-09

    * Users can now create, upload, style, share their own vector data
    * Users can now edit the created or uploaded data in a tabular form
(spreadsheet like)
    * Improved mobile layout interface performance
    * Queries created with Query builder plugin can now be saved and easily
accessed later
    * Added "IS IN" and "IS NOT IN" operators to the Query builder plugin
    * During data import the projection is automatically detected from a .prj
file, if the .prj file is missing you can still specify the projection manually
    * Added link to images for the CSW plugin in the detailed description
    * CSW plugin now supports adding remote WMS layers on the map
    * Added MapServer 6.2 support
    * Specific documentation sections can now be quickly accessed from the UI
    * Attribute editing form XML is now validated
    * Dropped IE 6 support, users with IE6 will be prompted to use Google Chrome
Frame for Internet Explorer
    * Added new separate rules for news and user management
    * The number of maximum displayed fields in an YUI datatable (default 50) 
can now be changed from the configuration file
    * Rastercut table can no longer be deleted
    * Layer edit form is no longer submitted on every button click in Internet 
Explorer 8
    * Screen no longer jitters on load on Android and iOS 5
    * A properly formatted url is sent to the user during the e-mail confirmation 
    * Link and share plugin now properly encodes urls when they are sent via
    * Layers menu is no longer offset in newest version of Chrome