Giscuit 1.4.0 Released Fri, 2013-06-28 11:43

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Giscuit 1.4.0, released on 2013-06-28.


  • Added Tasks plugin (Workforce management tool that improves the efficiency of your mobile teams),
  • Added Quick import (Quickly add geometries on the map using plain text, csv, gpx and kml formats),
  • Added cluster support for point layers (Clustering is the ability to combine multiple features into single (aggregated) features based on their relative positions),
  • Added animated zooming for desktop layout
  • You can now quickly switch between editable layers in the Editing tool
  • Querybuilder tool now displays total area for polygons, total length for lines, and total amount for points in query results
  • Measure distance and area result in mobile layout is now a text field. This allows the users to copy their measurement to the clipboard
  • Layer path is now displayed in the layer metadata
  • Layers can now be created from PostgreSQL views
  • Account input is in focus by default when you go to the Login page
  • YUI Datatables no longer have a top paginator
  • Added min/max scale support for JavaScript layers
  • Updated jQuery Mobile to version 1.3.0
  • Updated OpenLayers to version 2.13
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.9.1 and jQuery Mobile to version 1.3.1
  • Updated Zend Framework to version 1.12.3
  • Publiclayers and Privatelayers classes have an addLayer method now in the mobile layout
  • parseGeometryBeforeUpdate method in Giscuit_Db_Table_Layer_Abstract was renamed to parseGeometryBeforeEdit


  • When you click on the add marker button in the Mark and share tool the marker is no longer auto added
  • Editing tool was not deactivated in some cases
  • You can now change the scale using the scale drop down menu in the bottom right side of the map
  • Routing now properly works with PostgreSQL 9
  • Documentation link in left panel now points to the correct URL
  • Rastercut tool in tiled mode with PostGIS 2 no longer triggers the "Undefined function SetSRID" error
  • Feature attributes are now properly saved in IE 10 while editing
  • Polygons with no background color are now selected during editing if you click inside of them
  • Added try catch block in WebSQL database initialization to prevent an error in ZetaKey browser
  • The mobile layout viewed from iPhone is now properly resized on orientation change
  • Delete route button is no longer shown if you only have 2 routes
  • Query builder no longer errors if there are 0 visibile vector layers
  • Fixed the redirect to a wrong URL in Admin - Access control list section after adding new role
  • Empty copyright text is no longer shown in attribution
  • Fixed a bug where changing a label class in Admin - Layers section would trigger an error in IE7
  • Form.js used for file upload in mobile layout editing was updated for jQuery 1.9.1 compatibility
  • When you search by bounding box with a PostGIS 2 database an error is no longer triggered
  • Metadata is now properly shown for filtered items in layers tool
  • If a container is disabled all layers and containers inside it will not be shown to the user
  • Maximum select element width while editing is 320px


  • Assign task (Desktop)
  • View task list as a dispatcher (Desktop)
  • View task list as a worker (Mobile)
  • Work on the task (Mobile)
  • View task on the map (Mobile)

  • Add a point to the map by specifying its X, Y coordinates (Desktop)
  • Add points to the map by specifying a GPX file (Desktop)
  • Add a point to the map by specifying its X, Y coordinates (Mobile)

  • Clustering example (Simple)
  • Clustering example (Groups)