Giscuit 1.4.2 Released Fri, 2014-01-03 12:40

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Giscuit 1.4.2, released on 2014-01-03.


  • Subforms allows users to specify multiple times a predefined set of fields. For example we have the "Incidents" layer with multiple responsible persons per incident (feature), we can accomplish this by creating a subform for the main form with the following fields: sure_name, name, birth_date - this will allow us to input multiple persons for the same incident (feature).
  • Initial zoom location can now be specified in Administrator panel - Preferences - Map - Initial zoom
  • Editing rules text area is now 100% width and has a fixed typed font for easier editing
  • Added "update" callback to Geolocation tool


  • Authentication, YUI2 Loader, YUI2 Rick text editor now properly work in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fix a bug where when uploading a layer with history then making edits and later appending data to this layer via Administrator panel corrupts the history
  • In Administrator panel - Access Control Lists an error is not displayed if role name contains invalid characters
  • Field expression in Administrator panel - Layers - Edit - Fields the "+" character is no longer ignored
  • 3D acceleration is now enabled by default for mobile layout - which fixed several perspective issues in stock Android 4 browser
  • In Querybuilder tool the expression was not properly escaped for polygon type layers
  • ST_StartPoint and ST_StartEnd are no longer used directly on multilinestrings in Routing tool
  • gt_assign_vertex_id and gt_point_to_id are not located in main schema (If you have this bug please reinstall Routing plugin)
  • Routing tool no longer uses deprecated functions "x" and "y", "ST_X" and "ST_Y" are now used instead
  • Reports, Masking, Quick access plugins can now be properly reinstalled
  • Geometries are now forced to 2D when imported
  • Tile cache can now be cleared for base layers


  • Subforms (Desktop)