Giscuit 1.4.3 Released Tue, 2014-07-08 12:27

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Giscuit 1.4.3, released on 2014-07-08.


  • Added minimal UI support in iOS 7
  • Added Connection check interval feature for mobile layout, a red line at
    the bottom will be displayed if connection to the server is lost, and a yellow
    line at the bottom will be displayed if offline mode is activated.
  • Last map position and zoom is now saved in the desktop layout
  • Added zoom to layer feature (button in layer metadata)
  • Added fullscreen support for Chrome for Mobile
  • If too many visible layers in public mode are activated a message
    regarding degrading performance will be displayed


  • Fixed layout issues in iOS 7
  • Dropped full screen support via scrollTo hack for Android 2 and iOS 4-6
  • Shape files are now exported with a proper .prj file and in UTF-8 encoding
  • A user uploaded image that is too large is now scaled in desktop layout
  • Fixed a bug where files table in offline mode was not deleted
  • Fixed a bug where RTL text was not properly displayed in labels
  • OSM layer is now displayed at zoom level 19
  • Multiple fields in labels are now correctly separated by a new line
  • Close button during quick search in IE11 is no longer shown
  • Per class labels are no longer shown if labels are disabled by user
  • Fixed a bug that prevented repeat distance on label from working
  • HTML entities are no longer double encoded when updating metadata
  • Speed improvements for GeometryTables class getTables method
  • Reports, Masking, Quick access plugins can now me properly reinstalled
  • Geometries are now forced to 2D when imported
  • In some rare cases a role that extends itself could be created rendering


  • Zoom to layer (Desktop)
  • Giscuit has no access to internet (Mobile)
  • Giscuit is in offline mode (Mobile)