Giscuit comes in various software licenses (or packages), this is done to meet the needs of each customer and avoid paying for features they don't need. It is possible to start with the Base license and then upgrade to another license to enable additional features.

All of the license types below are not limited in number of users, number of CPU's on server or time the license is assigned to one physical or virtual machine (tied to a specific IP address and domain).


  • Web mapping platform with an open source code;
  • Works on desktops and a wide variety of mobile platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone;
  • Role based access;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Mobile offline support if you need to take your raster and vector data to places where internet connection is not available;
  • Feature labeling including label collision mediation;
  • Map element automation (scalebar, legend);
  • Scale dependent feature drawing and thematic mapping using logical or regular expression-based classes;
  • Data publishing using WMS or WFS protocols with public or authenticated access;
  • Support of the following raster data formats: GeoTIFF, Erdas Imagine, SDTS, ECW, MrSID, JPEG2000, DTED, NITF and others including mosaics and pyramids of the formats;
  • Import data in the following vector formats using the web-interface: ESRI Shapefile;
  • Import data in the following vector formats using OGR: ESRI Shapefile, ESRI ArcSDE, MapInfo (tab and mid/mif), GML, KML, Oracle Spatial and others;
  • Complete administrator panel for managing users, news, menu, layers, database, symbols, translations, metadata, logs, statistics;
  • Search by an attribute of a layer;
  • Measure distances, areas;
  • Get information from a region;
  • Watermarked map content with user name and current date;
  • Get current position using GPS, WiFi, cell towers or ip address
  • Layer metadata;
  • Share multiple markers positioned on the map with text;
  • Print current map window. Available only in desktop layout;
  • Analysis tool (Query builder) that includes logical expressions, intersections, within a specified distance and more. Available only in desktop layout;
  • Google Maps API integration;
  • Coordinate transformation on import and on-the-fly map re-projection;
  • Download current map window as an image at a certain scale and resolution as GeoTiff. Available only in desktop layout;
  • Geocoder;
  • Routing;
  • Catalog for spatially referenced resources;
  • Restrict user access only to certain areas of the map (Masking);
  • Quickly access previously bookmarked map regions;
  • Read and write data from a serial device;
  • Create, upload, style and share vector data with other users as a non administrator;
  • Workforce management tool (Tasks) that improves the efficiency of your mobile teams.
  • Pre-seeding and seeding-on-demand capability;
  • Merging multiple layers into a single cached overlay or base layer;
  • Embed published map into any web-page.