Giscuit 1.2.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Giscuit 1.2.4.

For a full list of changes check the changelog:

Welcome to the Giscuit 1.2.4 Release! 

Giscuit 1.2.4 Release
Released on 2012-01-30

    * Added the ability to add a WFS layer as source
    * Procedure for adding a WMS or a WFS layer was considerably simplified. Now a list of available layers (or proper error) is shown upon URL change.   

Offline mode

Offline mode allows you to download raster and vector data from the server and use it when no internet connection is available. In offline mode the application stores any edits and synchronizes them with the server when the user switches the application back to online mode. If any changes are made to your edits while you where offline the conflict management system will help you sort out any problems.

INTERGEO 2011 participant

For the first time Giscuit was represented with a stand at INTERGEO 2011, the world's biggest conference on geodesy, geoinformation and land management. Stand location: Hall 7А, site 7A.B7.