Giscuit 1.2.6 Released Fri, 2012-05-11 09:51

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Giscuit 1.2.6.

For a full list of changes check the changelog:

Welcome to the Giscuit 1.2.6 Release! 

Giscuit 1.2.6 Release
Released on 2012-04-28

    * Geocoding and reverse geocoding functionality with fuzzy matching using pg_trgm 
module was added. The administrator can now set any PostGIS table as a geocoder 
data source. The output format of choice is JSON. 
    * Geospatial routing functionality was added based on pgRouting library.
Supported algorithms: Shortest Path Dijkstra, Shortest Path A-Star, Shortest Path 
Shooting-Star, Traveling Salesperson Problem. More details at:
    * Improved the computation of maximum height for accordions
    * Removed the limitation of 5 maximum opened accordions
    * Reworked desktop layout tools panel. The active control (that grabs the map input) 
is now highlighted
    * Administrator can choose what classes will be/will not be available for the 
    * If geolocation is outside max extent the user will be notified
    * Added tooltips for hiding and showing the top and the left panel
    * All tools are now initialized from JavaScript, also the loading order of 
plugins can now be specified
    * Updated MS4W to latest version (3.0.4)
    * Updated jQuery Mobile to latest version (1.1.0)
    * Clicking a feature before the previous feature was not loaded while editing 
triggers an error
    * Snap is not working when Reports layer has information checkbox enabled
    * When switching from editing to measure editing layer is not disabled